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  1. All runners above 9 yrs. have the right to take part in the Marathon.

  2. Each Age group shall register up to 250 runners respectively.

  3. Athlete / Individual registration by name is non-transferable.

  4. Registration charges / participant is Rs. 150.

  5. Last date for registration: December 4th, 2019 (Wednesday). Registration form can be submitted on line / school counter.

  6. Last date of registration shall not be extended.

  7. To confirm the age, participants are kindly requested to bring copy of any one document ( Aadhaar Card , School ID Card , Voter Card etc. )

  8. The maximum time in which athletes are expected to reach the finishing line is 40 min.

  9. The athletes, who will not complete the race within this time, will stand disqualified.

  10. Participants will be responsible for their own belongings and for any loss of valuables carried by them.

  11. Judges decision will be considered to be the final.

  12. Any disputes, differences and / or any other matters in relation to these terms and conditions shall be decided by the Judges and will be final and binding on all.

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