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The Ashiana School- a step towards Progressive Teaching

Each Individual

At TAS, teaching and learning begin with the strengths, needs, questions and diverse life experiences of the individual student.

In class we provide faculty with the time and space to craft a personalized approach to the subject material for each student, drawing on each student's strengths to nurture her or his growth. 


By creating an environment we empower students to cultivate their own unique voices, asking the hard questions to help them better understand.

Thinkers, Innovaters and Leaders

TAS students have the confidence, compassion, and curiosity to engage in exciting and challenging conversations in the classroom and beyond. Our academic and co-curricular programming is designed to provide students with an ever-widening range of opportunities, to encourage them to experiment and take risks, to discover new interests and pursue passions more deeply.

The curriculum is also reflective of a commitment to connect with and deepen our appreciation of local and global cultures and perspectives. All students engage in community service, learning how to become leaders and advocates for social justice.

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Cafeteria ashiana school bhiwadi

A Diverse Community 

"TAS strives to build a community representative of the rich diversity of human experience that is also deeply influenced by the values of inclusion, equity and justice."

At TAS, our teachers and students reflect the rich diversity of positive learning in environment. 

We believe learning is rooted in meaningful relationships. Whether it is the advisory system, the classroom or community time, teachers and students create an environment of shared responsibility in which critical thinking skills are sharpened.

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